Heather Klos

Why I am a Physical/Occupational Therapist: My path to becoming a physical therapist started from a desire of wanting to make a difference.  Guidance from teachers and my parents helped lead me to this profession, which blended my early passions of athletics and science.  As I studied the human body more in college, I became fascinated with how the smallest detail, even in a cell, could affect an entire system.  I found this same consistency while studying biomechanics of the human body.  I was amazed how the smallest change that altered normal movement patterns could create significant dysfunction over time, eventually causing pain.   I enjoy acting like “Sherlock Holmes” in identifying and treating the underlying factors to help stimulate healing and return a person to pain free daily activity.   That is a fun journey to go on with a patient!

Continuing Education Commitment: My goal is to continue to grow and learn from as many experts as possible.   The knowledge gained from these experts I will always inspire me to push myself to learn more and never be content with where I am.  I have chosen to take courses that emphasize excellent biomechanical evaluation skills and sound clinical reasoning.

Personal Interests:

I love dogs, and am a proud owner of two wonderful boxers.  That in itself at times seems like a full time job working on draining their energy and training them to be polite dogs in public.  

I’ve played piano since the age of five years and cherished the opportunity to train as a classical pianist in college and accompany the University choir.  Currently I’m content with working on individual pieces in my spare time.

I grew up a “Blazer Believer” in Oregon and love the drama sports can provide.  Especially when the Ducks play the Huskies!

Educational Background:

Undergraduate degree from Pacific University with a major in exercise science and a minor in music

Earned my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Pacific University

Taken levels I-III from North American Institute of Manual Therapy including their Thoracic/Rib course

Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) earned 2012

Currently enrolled in an 18 month  IMPACT program in the process of earning my certification in manual therapy (CMPT)