Dale Hoistad

Why I am a Physical/Occupational Therapist: Like many people, I enjoyed  playing sports in my younger school years and had a few injuries which were always mysterious to me.  Later I became interested in the science of human movement and anatomy.  I have always had an interest in helping people; physical therapy is just a natural progression of all of these experiences.  It is still an interesting profession – never boring.

Continuing Education Commitment: I try to find an institution or program which is presenting material which is directly  relevant to the patients I am treating.  I have been fortunate to complete 3 long term post graduate  educational programs.  These programs include The Kaiser Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Fellowship, The North American Institute of Manual therapy Certification, and the Hellerwork Training.  I am currently studying course work through the Institute of Physical Art.

Personal Interests: I enjoy doing activities with my family.  I like to play tennis, bike, fly fish, and hike.

Educational Background: My original degree in Physical therapy is from the University of North Dakota in 1979.