Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation

Balance is influenced by three major systems: visual, somatosensory (body position), and vestibular. Unsteadiness and falls may occur with balance impairments or because of dysfunction in the vestibular system resulting in vertigo or spinning. The vestibular system is the area of the inner ear and brain that helps control balance and eye movements, and is crucial in maintaining a steady gaze.

Possible causes of vestibular dysfunction: debris (crystals) from the inner ear being dislodged and causing positional vertigo (BPPV) certain medications or ear infections.

Patients seeking assistance with their balance, or who are experiencing dizziness or vertigo, will receive a customized therapy program that integrates visual and vestibular information, and somatosensory feedback. The Safe and Steady Program was developed by Cascade therapists who specialize in both balance and vestibular rehabilitation. 

The goal at Cascade Rehab is to assist the patient to return to, or maintain, maximum function.

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